Top 10 Maintenance Tips For Your Garage Doors

Top 10 Maintenance Tips For Your Garage Doors

Almost 70% of Americans use garage doors as their main entrance. This means that over the years it gets to go through a lot of wear and tear. To make sure that its performance and durability is not compromised due to the constant usage it is put through every day, you would have to take steps to maintain it properly. Here are some steps that you can take to make sure that your garage door stays operational for a longer period of time.

1.    Observe

Every time you use your garage door, observe it make sure that it is working properly. Even if you notice a slight issue, address it there and then. Listen for any odd sound, check the balance and take notice if either of the doors do not move at the same speed.

2.    Hardware maintenance

Usually, the roll-over doors would need their hardware addressed frequently since they go through a lot of movement throughout the day, multiple times. It might not need too much intervention but just tightening of screws but it would be important to keep it functional for longer.

3.    Balance

In case either of the doors is not balanced properly, the opener would have to work a lot. To prevent this, grease the doors frequently to maintain balance.

4.    Keep an eye on the rollers

Rollers might not need frequent changing but you should have a look at them once a year to make sure that they are working fine.

5.    Lubrication is the key

Weather changes can cause a lot of wear and make sure that the basic functionality of the door is not affected in any way, lubricate it properly on a regular basis.

6.    Examine the cables

The high tension cables which lift your doors should not be taken for granted. Keep an eye on them and replace them instantly if you notice them loosening their strength or elasticity.

7.    Debris-free tracks

The tracks the door rolls on should be free from any debris to make sure that they slide in a smooth manner. However, if you think a track needs adjustment, hire a professional to do the job for you.

8.    Replace the weather-strips

In order to make sure that weather-strips are functional throughout the year, you should have them replaced the moment they crack or start to brittle. You can find the strips at any local hardware store.

9.    Clean the doors thoroughly

While you are working on all the other parts, it is important that you don’t forget about the actual door itself. Clean it regularly with a good cleaner to make sure that its durability is not compromised at all.

10. Safety test

All the garage doors come with safety features. Test them regularly and make sure that in the case of an obstacle, the door reverses direction immediately.

These are 10 tips to increase the life of your garage doors. They are easy and can save you the huge expense of getting the door changed in case they are not functional anymore.